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Despite having pre-set GVMs (Gross Vehicle Mass), many vehicles roll off the assembly line with little or no capacity to carry extra loads or navigate terrain other than the smooth tarmac of the highway. That is where our range of springs, airbags, and other suspension components come into their own.

Here at Redcliffe Springs & Suspension, we have been providing a range of automotive suspension products to our satisfied customers across Burpengary and the surrounding areas for 20 successful years. At our extensive Burpengary premises, we carry all the automotive suspension parts you need to improve the handling and carrying capacity of your vehicle.

leaf spring resetting imageLeaf Spring Resetting

Cold resetting of leaf springs entails pulling apart the pack into individual leaves and either hammering them  on an anvil  around the curved surface and creating more arc (setting up) or de-cambering (setting down) the spring steel.

Each individual spring requires a certain amount of pinch or preload to the next leaf on top so they all work in unison together.

The more modern technique is to use a hydraulic ram pres to hammer the spring and to add camber.

In addition an extra leaf spring is added and cambered into the pack to assist with additional load.

You can add many additional leaves dependant on load requirements and also in many cases there is an overload spring on the bottom of the pack which is usually flat which you can camber into the pack if required or camber up so it takes the load earlier.

The resetting process enables the  spring maker to customize the ride height and load carrying capacity of the spring to suit the customers needs.